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Florida Whistleblower Qui Tam Lawyers > Results > Firm Announces $39 Million Qui Tam Settlement

Firm Announces $39 Million Qui Tam Settlement

Rabin Kammerer Johnson is proud to announce the settlement of U.S. ex rel Porter v. Endo Pharmaceuticals, et al, 13-Civ-1506, a qui tam case filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The firm filed the case in 2013 on behalf of whistleblower Dr. Stephan Porter, who discovered that one of the major chewable fluoride vitamin supplements in the country, marketed under the brand name Qualitest, contained less than half of the amount of fluoride indicated on its label. As a result, pediatricians, dentists, and parents unwittingly gave their children less than half of the fluoride advocated by the American Dental Association.

Under the terms of the settlement, pharmaceutical giant Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., and seven of its subsidiaries, will pay $39 million to reimburse federal and state healthcare programs for monies paid for these subpotent products.

The False Claims Act authorizes private individuals, known as Relators, to bring lawsuits on behalf of the federal and state governments to recover money lost due to fraud. As a reward, Dr. Porter will receive a portion of the recovery.

Rabin Kammerer Johnson is proud to bring important cases like this one, which involve false claims against taxpayer funds and harm to the public health.

To view a press release regarding the case, click here.

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