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“They have been truly amazing and the results prove it for us

The level of competency, forthrightness, detail, and of course hand holding as you go through the process of a lawsuit, is outstanding. They have been truly amazing and the results prove it for us. I'm embarrassed to say I can't thank them enough on behalf of our company, I also can't recommend them enough if you are looking for legal counsel that is above and beyond what you normally expect. Adam and Lauren were the best.

“I will certainly be returning to this firm for my office's future legal needs

Lauren and Adam have been outstanding for our office. After an initial call to discuss the issues and potential arguments, they provided me with a very realistic expectation of the cost. Lauren not only litigated the case at the trial level, attending hearings and filing motions, but also successfully handled the appellate briefing when the case moved on to the Fourth DCA. We were successful at both the trial and appellate stages and I have been very satisfied with the level of representation, the consistent and professional communication, and the reasonable pricing of the firm as a whole, and of Lauren and Adam in particular. I will certainly be returning to this firm for my office's future legal needs.

“I felt I was in extremely competent hands

I am a former client of Rabin Kammerer Johnson in a successful Whistleblower action. Filing and prosecuting a federal lawsuit can be complex, and this firm guided me through the process from beginning to conclusion. They traveled with me to testify before the Northern District of New York and I felt I was in extremely competent hands at every stage of the case. I had been referred to Rabin Kammerer Johnson from other highly rated firms and their confidence was well placed. I have no hesitancy in recommending Rabin Kammerer Johnson in this area of the law.

“We are so grateful for your passion

Thank you Adam and team for your tireless work this past year. We are so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. Thank you for helping us get across the finish line (pun intended)!!!

“A guaranteed winner!

Having utilized the services of many lawyers over the years, none has touched me as deeply as [Rabin Kammerer Johnson]. [They are] so in touch with people and what makes them tick that [their] feel of the situation is spot on. This unique characteristic added to [their] legal skill set puts [Rabin Kammerer Johnson] in a class of [their] own. Also as important, [they have] nerves of steel that are supported by [their] equal level of confidence that comes from [their] detailed preparation. [Rabin Kammerer Johnson are] a guaranteed winner!

“I would recommend Adam to anyone

I cannot say enough about Adam and his team. He was thorough, quick to answer any questions I had either by phone or email, day, night snd even weekends. He was honest, aggressive and handled my case with expertise. I would recommend Adam to anyone.

“They are sharp and professional

I am forever grateful to a dear friend who referred me to Adam for legal services. The Rabin Kammerer Johnson Law Firm guided me through a very difficult and stressful situation and made me feel at ease. They are sharp and professional and extremely ethical.

“I notice that he takes pride on what he does

Very meticulous, organized, sophisticated, non-judgmental, filled with knowledge on the law, dynamic, well-respected among other lawyers and judges and a GREAT NEGOTIATOR. On my experience with Adam Rabin, I notice that he takes pride on what he does. There is nothing that will take his attention (sickness, illness, holidays, etc.) from meeting the deadlines, hearings and getting the results that you want. He will fight for you, like a tiger with his gentle and polite way.

“He kept me informed

Mr. Rabin is an excellent lawyer. He handled a complicated investment and family dispute for me that involved both financial and emotional consequences. He kept me informed, negotiated a favorable settlement under the circumstances, and helped me move beyond this difficult chapter of my life. Committed, Personalized Professional service.

“He helped me avoid the additional fees

Adam Rabin quickly dug into my matter and helped me efficiently resolve a dispute I was having with a vendor. By getting me a quick and practical business resolution, he helped me avoid the additional fees and costs of litigation.

“I trust him infinitely

I can not say enough positive things about Mr. Rabin, his firm, and his partners and associates. In early 2008, we hired him to represent us at the recommendation of another attorney. We were involved in a case that went on for nearly 2 years before its resolution, and he kept us well informed, educated, and involved in every decision. His rate is more than fair for the quality of work he does, he was always highly prepared for every meeting or deposition, and prepared us extensively for our depositions. I trust him infinitely and would never turn to any other attorney in a time of need.

“The other party did not pursue the threatened litigation

Last year, Adam Rabin represented me and my company in a threatened patent infringement and breach of contract suit. After reviewing the matter and relevant documents, he was able to, in coordination with patent counsel, prepare a well-analyzed response to the other party. As a result of this response, the other party did not pursue the threatened litigation.

“I unequivocally would recommend him to other clients

Mr. Rabin’s representation of me and my company was highly professional, effective, and cost-efficient. He provided sound counsel and I unequivocally would recommend him to other clients.

“He thoroughly reviews all facts

Adam Rabin has represented my firm on a number of matters and has always produced outstanding results. Mr. Rabin does not approach any case with preconceived notions. He thoroughly reviews all facts, researches the relevant law and then presents his clients with thoughtful and insightful options which he carefully reviews to help his clients achieve their goals.

“Mr. Rabin carefully researched the law

Mr. Rabin represented us in one case against a much larger company that was determined and in a position to outlast us. Despite a lack of perfect documentation, Mr. Rabin carefully researched the law and utilized the facts that he had to put the larger company in a corner that brought about a prompt and very fair settlement.

“Mr. Rabin is very easy to work

Mr. Rabin is very easy to work with and has become a trusted advisor to our company. He has no ego and when we have presented him with cases that fall outside of his power alley, he has consistently given us excellent referrals to other strong attorneys who have also been able to help us.

“He provides his clients with the professionalism and expertise that one would seek from a large law firm

I have worked with hundreds of attorneys over the course of my 30 year business career and Mr. Rabin ranks in the top 1%. He provides his clients with the professionalism and expertise that one would seek from a large law firm but with the attention and personal service of a boutique firm. I highly recommend him for any complex litigation and as a general advisor and counselor.

“He’s a highly ethical lawyer

Adam Rabin is a highly professional and responsive lawyer who did an excellent job representing me and my companies in a federal court RICO and securities fraud case several years ago. Not only did Mr. Rabin get the case dismissed on our behalf, but he communicated with me often and involved me in all major decisions. He’s a highly ethical lawyer and I have hired him on several matters since that case. I highly recommend him.

“I highly recommend him

Adam does not let his ego get in the way of what is best for your case. If need to be, he will go to the well and back to assure that everything that can possibly be done for your case will be done, not one, but ten times if need to be. He is relentless when given a task. His commitment is something I have never seen in someone before. I highly recommend him and endorse him.

“This man is one in a million

Mr. Rabin posses laser focus and a detailed knowledge of the law. He is articulate in his presentation of the legal points and does so in a manner that a judge and jury can make favorable decisions from. His voice and tone conatate respect from those that he talks to as well. Equally important is the fact that Mr. Rabin will not take on every case that comes his way. His clients character, and the morals of the legal issues at hand are just as important in deciding who to represent. If Mr. Rabin agrees to represent you, consider it a gift. This man is one in a million.