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Florida Business, Whistleblower, & Securities Lawyers / West Palm Beach IRS Whistleblower Lawyer

West Palm Beach IRS Whistleblower Lawyer

The IRS has its own whistleblower program designed to uncover fraud and underpayment in excess of $2 million per taxpayer liability. If the IRS uses information provided by a whistleblower, the whistleblower can receive an award of 10 to 30% of the total amount collected. As some of the leading West Palm Beach IRS whistleblower lawyers, Rabin Kammerer Johnson is the firm to turn to if you believe you have uncovered substantial tax fraud against the government.

Facts about the IRS Whistleblower Program

In 2016, the IRS awarded more than $61 million to 418 whistleblowers. The government is consistently recovering several hundred millions of dollars every year, and sharing a significant portion with the people who blow the whistle on those who fail to pay the tax they owe.

Blowing the Whistle on Tax Fraud under 7623(b)

Under section 7623(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, private citizens can blow the whistle on tax cheats and receive a reward for their information.  This program relates to cases in which the tax, penalties, interest, additions to tax and additional amounts in dispute exceed $2,000,000. In the case of an individual taxpayer, the taxpayer must also have a gross income which exceeds $200,000 for at least one of the tax years in question.

If the information provided substantially contributes to an action that results in collection, the whistleblower will receive 15-30% of the amount collected. This amount can be decreased if the whistleblower’s information came from public sources or if the whistleblower planned and initiated the tax fraud. However, the whistleblower can appeal to the Tax Court if he or she doesn’t like the outcome.

Take the Time to Put Your Whistleblower Claim in Order

Keep in mind that the IRS receives thousands of claims every year and does not choose to pursue every one. The IRS is looking for specific, credible and solid information, not “educated guesses” or speculation.  Most claims are rejected by the IRS because they are not specific enough or do not identify a credible tax issue.

While the IRS only pursues a fraction of the claims it receives, it does obtain awards in about half of the awards it pursues.  The attorneys at Rabin Kammerer Johnson can evaluate your claim and help make sure you turn in a solid, valuable claim that the IRS is more likely to pursue.

Call Rabin Kammerer Johnson for Florida IRS Whistleblower Claims

For a free consultation regarding an IRS whistleblower claim, call the lawyers at Rabin Kammerer Johnson in West Palm Beach at 561-659-7878, toll free at 877-915-4040, or contact us online. Our dedicated and experienced whistleblower, fraud and false claims attorneys are eager to evaluate your claim and let you know how we may be of service.