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Adam Rabin to Receive Civility Honor at Project Nuremberg Luncheon

On May 6, Temple Beth El of Boca Raton will present Adam Rabin with its Civility Honor at its 7th Annual Project Nuremberg Lawyer Luncheon. The South Palm Beach County Bar Association and Lynn University are co-sponsors of the event. The lunch program will feature two keynote speakers, Benjamin Brafman and Thomas Walther, who are the co-recipients of the Jay and Marilyn Weinberg Rule of Law Award.

Benjamin Brafman is a renowned trial criminal defense lawyer in New York City who has represented celebrities, business leaders and professionals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Israel and South Africa. His acquittal rate is among the highest in New York City. He is the son of Holocaust victims.

Thomas Walther is considered Germany’s last Nazi hunter motivated by Germany’s failure to bring many Nazi war criminals to justice. He still handles war crime trials against surviving Nazis to this day. Just last year, he brought to trial the case against the Oskar Groening, the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz.

At the luncheon, Adam Rabin will be recognized with the Civility Honor for his work on the Joint Civility Project (“Project”) in recruiting 44 voluntary bar associations and eight chief judges in South Florida to sign a joint resolution to promote improved lawyer civility. The Project, known for its “Got Civility?” theme, recently worked with South Florida’s four circuit courts to get uniform Standards of Professional Courtesy and Civility adopted by all four courts. Adam is truly honored to be recognized at the same event in which Mr. Brafman and Mr. Walther, and their legendary accomplishments, will be recognized.

You may RSVP to the luncheon at www.tbeboca.org/specialevents.

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