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Looking to Serve or Volunteer in Election 2020? Here Are 4 Ways to Help

  1. Become a Poll Worker (nonpartisan, paid position). Poll workers are responsible for ensuring that all polling locations are administered consistent with Florida election laws and the county Supervisor of Elections’ policies and procedures. While the titles and duties for poll workers vary by county, the most typical positions are clerk, assistant clerk, inspector and deputy, with clerk being the most senior position. Serving as a poll worker is the most important position that a person seeking a nonpartisan role can play. A poll worker may also keep or donate his or her pay. To apply, click the following links for South Florida counties:

Palm Beach: https://www.pbcelections.org/Poll-Workers/Poll-Worker-Application-Form

Broward:  https://www.browardsoe.org/Poll-Worker-Information/Become-a-Poll-Worker

Dade:  https://miamidadecounty.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3QVL8wEIK8km2mp

  1. Become a Poll Monitor (nonpartisan, volunteer position). A poll monitor assists voters on or before Election Day should they encounter any problems voting. The nonpartisan poll monitor program is a national program administered by the Common Cause Education Fund. Go to https://protectthevote.net/#volunteer to volunteer and you will receive information by email about attending an online training session to serve as a poll monitor in Florida.
  1. Become a Poll Watcher (partisan, volunteer position). Poll watchers monitor the administration of the election at polling locations and keep track of voter turnout for their political party, candidate or committee. Poll watchers report issues to polling place authorities or the party, candidate, or committee the watcher represents. They also flag concerns they observe, which are escalated to election lawyers or others with expertise in election procedures and administration. To volunteer as a poll watcher, contact the state or local office of the political party, candidate or committee you support.
  1. Become a Canvassing Board Observer (partisan, volunteer position). Each county in Florida has a canvassing board that is composed of three members: the supervisor of elections; a Florida judge; and a member of the board of county commissioners. A canvassing board observer is a representative for a political party, candidate or committee. The observer attends canvassing board meetings to ensure the law and county supervisor’s policies are followed and reports to the party, candidate or committee he or she represents. To volunteer as a canvassing board observer, contact the state or local office of the political party, candidate or committee you support.
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