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Three South Floridians Arrested for Investment Scheme Targeting Haitians

Irma Jeudy, Alix Charles, and Albertha Frederic were arrested last Friday for their involvement in an investment fraud, stemming from a Ponzi scheme targeting Haitian Americans. Each defendant faces a possible prison sentence up to 90 years, and the state attorney’s office did not rule out the possibility of additional arrests.
The defendants, advertising on Creole radio and television, convinced their clients into investing in Gen-X Comp., Inc. Some investors were convinced to invest in a side project of the corporation, also a fraud, by telling investors the money was being set aside for building houses in Haiti. Gen-X Comp., Inc. promised a high return on investment in the form of interest payments, which would exceed various other investments on the market. Over a three-year period, investors funded the companies with investments ranging between $5 and $20,000. The scheme collapsed when interest checks began bouncing, and investors were told to be patient.

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